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3 Reasons You May Need a Medical Background Investigation for Your Insurance Claim Investigation

When an injury accident
occurs, insurance companies need to assess the damages and the claimant’s
injuries. This process involves asking questions about their injuries and the
damages they suffered. It also involves asking questions about prior medical
conditions and injuries. After all, the insurance company is not responsible
for treating past injuries. 

Unfortunately, many
claimants do not answer these questions truthfully. They may even try to hide
past injuries or illnesses in an attempt to recover more compensation. They may
also provide false information about the required treatments or diagnoses. When
this occurs, insurance companies may have to investigate these claims. This
investigation could uncover potential fraud. 

At Bosco Legal Services, Inc., we provide insurance claims investigations. Our new service, medical background investigations, can help bolster these investigations. Our team can help find evidence to discover whether an insurance claim is legitimate or not. 

Is a Medical Background Investigation?

Our medical background investigations involve our social media department and our records department. These investigations combine medical canvassing with a social media investigation. 

Our MBIs can give attorneys and adjusters valuable information about the claimant and their injuries. For example, certain evidence could legitimize a claim or reduce the amount of compensation an insurance company pays an accident victim. These investigations can also uncover insurance fraud.

When do you know if you
need a medical background investigation? Here are three reasons why you may
need a medical background investigation team on your side.

#1 Claimant Has a History of Health Problems

Medical background
investigators can look through medical records to uncover previous injuries.
This includes doing a search of nearby facilities to uncover other emergency
room visits or treatments. A claimant might be using prior injuries to inflate
the value of their claim. A medical background investigation can help determine
the truth. 

#2 Injuries Seem Unrelated to the Accident

When a claimant’s
injuries seem suspicious, a medical background investigation may be necessary.
Sometimes accident victims try to claim injuries that did not occur in the
accident. Perhaps the injury occurred at a different time or location.

#3 Claimant Claims Significant Damages

Injured accident victims often claim that their injuries resulted in significant damages. However, an investigation into their medical history may reveal fraud. Perhaps they have not attended all their treatment sessions. Perhaps they posted pictures on social media that contradict the claimed injuries. A medical background investigation team with experience conducting social media investigations can help.

Contact Our Medical Background Investigation Team for Your Case

At Bosco Legal Services,
Inc. we assist law firms and insurance companies nationwide. Our team may be
able to help you get the evidence you need for an insurance claim case.

Without the help of
skilled investigators, medical background investigations can be expensive. They
are also time consuming. However, your case could depend upon the evidence
found in these investigations. 

If you need help gathering medical evidence, we are here to help. Contact our medical background investigators at Bosco Legal Services, Inc. Call our Riverside office today at (877) 353-8281 to discuss your situation. You can also fill out our online contact form, and someone from our office will be in touch with you soon.

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