3 Tips for Successful Paid Search Marketing Campaigns for Law Firms in 2021

As this historical year comes to an end, law firms all over the world were forced to pivot during an unexpected pandemic. Coffee offered to new potential clients in a room filled with small talk across the desk quickly changed to meeting for appointments at the click of a mouse.

Many lawyers took advantage of the extra time it took to meet with clients in person to adjust their internet marketing strategies. At MediaSmack, our team spent a lot of time with our clients developing new paid search solutions through Google, local service ads and campaigns on social media platforms. Going into the new year, many firms are looking to expand their reach digitally. Here are three tips for lawyers to help expand their paid search campaigns going into 2021.

Get Creative in Ad Text

The competition between law firms was already fierce pre-Covid. With the cost-per-click averaging hundreds of dollars for a personal injury lawyer, it can be expected that this will increase. More firms are hopping online and spending less of their marketing budget on billboards, for example, as there has been a decrease in drivers on the road.

With that said, law firms need to stand out with their ad text to stand out against the competition. There is an overwhelming amount of ads on Google with similar text like, “Personal Injury Lawyer Near You. Call Now.” Many users tend to scroll on by since this text has been overused for decades. Instead, firms should focus on their area of practice and really hone in on the exact potential customer they are trying to appeal to. For an auto accident attorney, an example of creative text would be, “In A Crash & Need Cash? Our Lawyers Are On Your Side.” This jumps out to someone who was recently in a car accident. It’s important to use custom audiences, location targeting and parallel keywords on the landing page to follow through with this technique.

Drive Leads Through Instagram

With new social media platforms coming into play like TikTok, Instagram is keeping up with trends the new platforms offer. Instagram Reels was first introduced in late 2019 as a place for members to watch short, fun videos in order to expand to new audiences globally. Instagram has 1 billion active users with each user spending an average of almost half an hour a day scrolling on the app.

Google ads for lawyers are great for immediate results as people typically search for an answer to a question and are provided with hundreds of websites and businesses ready to help. This increases the likelihood of the user visiting a law firm’s website and turning into a case pretty quickly. However, Instagram is great for retargeting those potential leads who have not yet made up their minds if they need an attorney or not.

Instagram for law firms is great to boost posts and retarget those potential leads. With this in mind, it is important for a firm to have a strong brand presence on Instagram. Professional quality photos, detailed captions and quick and easy call-to-actions create an impactful visual and kinetic connection to help users remember the firm.

More Automation Means More Time for Brand Development

Marketing professionals are keeping a close eye on Google’s automation system. Moving into 2021, Google has limited control over pay-per-click campaign management. Humans are still needed for search campaigns to run effectively, but Google has allowed the algorithm to have more impact.

Law firms will now be able to focus more on creativity and building up their brand instead of primarily focusing on controlling marketing data behind a computer screen. Lawyers will need to let down their guard and become vulnerable. Authenticity is the trend moving forward into 2021, as people are more interested in businesses who have a face, in a sense. Vlogs, local service ads, Instagram reels, guest blogging and story-based client testimonials are all great ways to inspire connection with clients.

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