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When any company expands into a big corporation beyond the limits of a “small-office”, they begin to lose
the personal touch with their clients and become a numb entity in terms of individual responsiveness.
Meet MediaSmack, a digital marketing company specifically handling clients from the legal department,
who believe in the motto of “personalized client satisfaction” as opposed to “mass-production” of a service.

The spark that exploded to become “MediaSmack’

Both Zach Thompson (Co-Founder & President) and Brian Meikle (Co-Founder & President) were already two knowledgeable individuals in the field of legal marketing sales who had to interact with clients on a daily basis. This gave them the platform to understand and analyze the issues in the business and tackle these from the client’s perspective. So Zach and Brain founded the company with the intention to provide great marketing services while remaining transparent with customers and working to build tailor-made strategies that highlight the strength and brand of each client.

The roots strengthened, leaves canopied and flowers bloomed

As the MediaSmack grew, it grew with the growing changes in the “climate” of marketing, which helped
the company to adapt to a lot of new strategies to derive the optimum results. The company now also
houses its own content writers and SEO experts to deliver the best offerings to its clients.

The competition helps discover fascinating new solutions

MediaSmack takes a curved route when everyone is busy walking the straight line. The mere
understanding of the necessity to be different drives the team to strive till the point where something
exclusive is born out of all the collaboration and coordination among the brains of the team.

Keeping the buzz alive in the market

Lawyers being the firm’s primary clients, reputation is a delicate and sensitive balance that hangs
between the client’s requirements and MediaSmack’s understanding of their requirements. MS invests
tremendous efforts to obtain positive reviews from the clients. In case of negative reviews, the agency
responds promptly to solve any issues of the client.

The People behind Our Great Artistry

We love what we do and it shows! Based in California, we work with firms nationwide and have created
some of the most engaging web designs and Internet marketing campaigns for the firms we represent.
We thrive on strategy making with our clients and guiding them through the daily milestones that
successfully merge all relevant digital media elements together. From our viewpoint, relationships with our
clients are more of a partnership than anything else. As a result, we make it our business to help your
business prosper.

The driving inspiration

“Curiosity” is a word that holds a strong sense of respect among the team. Curiosity took humanity from a
dark, lifeless cave to the wonders of the universe and beyond. At MS, curiosity is the fuel that ignites the
motive to be competitive and succeed. The input from the clients also plays a major role in shaping the
final product.

What goes around, comes around

The Co-Presidents believe in giving back, completing the cycle and doing their respective parts to inspire
anyone who has an inclination towards the idea marketing. They speak at conferences, events, and in the
community where they engage and motivate others to achieve their personal and business goals. Most
seminars are free to attend and provide great insight to help attendees be more successful in their
business and personal lives.

A word of wisdom from the wise

M.S believes that doing things the right way is the only way to stay alive in this game. There are no
shortcuts, there are no loopholes. If you want to see your client happy, you have to do things right. The
meetings shouldn’t be about a “quick fix” but rather about improving your assets.

The future destiny

Unlike most companies, M.S at least, for now, isn’t aiming to become one of those companies that
produce products on an assembly line, just to make the most out of it. They want to maintain the personal
relationships between clients and deliver very personalized solutions to their clients. They want to be the
company that people talk about in terms of emotions and experience but not in terms of products and
features. This is what they believe will set them apart from the rest of the world.

The boffins of the organizations

Zach Thompson, President, and Co-Founder: Since 2006, Zach Thompson has developed his
expertise in digital marketing and brand development through his vast experience at numerous Fortune
500 companies. Zach Thompson is president of MediaSmack where he oversees the strategic vision and
growth of the company, its clients, and team. Focusing on value propositions, he assists businesses to
develop a competitive marketing advantage.

Brian Meikle, President, and Co-Founder: Brian has over 15 years of digital marketing experience
working with major brand marketers, agencies, and firms. He has worked with some of the biggest
companies in the country helping deliver high ROI, and success in their online marketing campaigns.

“We thrive on assisting businesses to prosper in the local and nationwide online
marketplace. If you are looking for a better return on investment from your digital
marketing investment, the marketing specialists at MediaSmack can lead the way!”

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