Allen, Texas

Getting to Know Allen, Texas

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Allen is a lively city 20 miles north of the Dallas metropolitan area. Located in Collin County and hosting a population of 106,000 residents, Allen is known across Texas as a fast-growing, business-friendly suburb. That’s why MediaSmack has its headquarters just 12 miles away, in Frisco at The Star, the same building where the Dallas Cowboys hold practice games. We already know what so many well-known media outlets know: Allen is one of the best places to live in the United States and it’s great for supporting local businesses.

Our full-service digital marketing company has extensive experience helping Texas businesses thrive.

Why We Love Allen

It is not just MediaSmack that loves Allen, Texas. Well known publishers and media outlets sing praises of the city. In 2017, CNN Money called Allen #2 in the country for “Best Place to Live” and “Best Place to Launch a Career”. One year later, CNBC called Allen the best suburb in Texas, giving the city a projected job growth rate of 16 percent! named Allen as the second-safest city in the state.

Education is important to Allen. Several high schools and colleges have campuses. Collin College offers Allen high school students dual credits, allowing them to take higher education courses that prepare them to live in a competitive world. Like many Texas towns, high school football is a historic and popular pastime. Allen High School has the Eagle Stadium, a $60 million football stadium that can seat up to 18,000 people.

Allen’s rich history makes it an integral part of Texas. Formerly a major railroad hub in Texas, Allen became the site of Texas’ first train robbery in 1878. Outlaw Sam Bass famously stole $1,500 in goods from a Texas Express railcar, which amounts to more than $1.4 million dollars adjusted for inflation. Notable historical figures lived in Allen before its incorporation. Allen received its namesake from Ebenezer Allen, the last Secretary of State while Texas was still an independent Republic.

Why Advertise in Allen?

Allen’s economic perks are a major reason why the city’s growth continues to rapidly accelerate. Census data from 2000 to 2019 shows the city’s population doubled over the past two decades.

Thanks to the pro-business environment in Allen, several large companies have offices in the city. Experian Information Systems, AT&T, Credit Union of Texas, Frontier Communications and Texas Health maintain offices in Allen. The city boasts more than $500 million in commercial development since 2018.

Advertising in Allen could be enormously profitable due to its strong job market and economy. Given the types of jobs that are available in Allen, the city’s economy is likely to get stronger.

Driving Directions from Allen to Cowboys Way in Frisco

It is easy to drive from Allen to Frisco to get to our headquarters. For the route that does not include toll roads, follow these directions.

  1. Start at the East Main Street and South Allen Drive intersection.
  2. Take South Allen Drive to West McDermott Drive.
  3. Continue following West McDermott Drive until you hit Ohio Drive.
  4. Turn right on Ohio Drive.
  5. Stay on Ohio Drive until you reach the exit for Warren Parkway.
  6. Continue on Warren Parkway until you hit Avenue of Champions.
  7. Take a right onto the Avenue of Champions.
  8. Stay on Avenue of Champions until you reach Cowboys Way.
  9. Take a right onto Cowboys Way from Avenue of Champions.

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