Are You Using SMART Marketing Goals?

As soon as you sign up with a new digital marketing team one of the first things you will do is get on a kick-off call. The biggest thing that should come out of this meeting is making sure that both of your objectives are aligned with one another. At MediaSmack, our digital marketing team does this with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant/Realistic, and Time-Bound). Our goal is to go above and beyond to deliver a SMARTER marketing campaign to compete with your competitors.

S — Specific

At MediaSmack, we strive for the most effective SEO services. On our call, we want to hear what your goals are. Are you looking for us to increase the traffic to your site? More calls? More forms to be filled out? This gives my SEO team a chance to provide their insight based on their research they have done on Google Trends, Semrush and many other softwares. It is important that you come ready to share your specific goals. For example, you could share that you want intake to increase by 10% by the end of the year. This specific goal unifies our team and allows our marketing team to focus our time and energy on reaching this goal.

M — Measurable

As soon as the team gets started, we write down and take screenshots of your current stats so we can compare them each month. We can see what is and is not working and what changes we will need to make to keep moving towards your goal. With the softwares we use, we can compare where your rankings and traffic from a month ago or even further back. If your goal was to increase your intake by 10% by the end of the year, our team will keep you updated on the progress toward this goal within your monthly reports.

A — Attainable

Of course, you want to be on page one when someone searches for your service on Google, but you also have to make sure your goal is attainable in that time frame. My team will evaluate if your specific goal makes sense for the time frame given and if not, go through what would make the most sense for your campaign. We want to be completely transparent with you. We do not want to give you unrealistic expectations.

R — Relevant/Realistic

Is the goal you have in mind relevant to your business? If you want more traffic to your site, great, but in the end is your goal just to get more traffic or to get more people to sign up with you? Just because you are getting more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean it will bring you quality cases.

T — Time-Bound

It is important to have a time frame for when your goal should be achieved because without one your goal becomes unlikely to be reached. We want to make sure to prioritize, plan and execute the tasks to achieve the goal.

The Bonus

Once the time frame is over, we do not just forget about it. We become SMARTER, by evaluating and reviewing the outcome of our marketing plan. We want to strive to not only reach the goal, but to beat it. By evaluating and reviewing the outcome, this not only makes my team more effective, but helps your company achieve higher goals in the future.
Overall, the more we understand your goals the better we can help you. We want to talk to you on a regular basis to make sure we are working together toward a unified goal. This is a partnership and the only way we succeed is by communicating together.

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