Be My Guest: Why Is Guest Blogging Important to My Law Firm Marketing Plan?

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Guest blogging has become an integral part of any digital marketing plan. If your current strategy does not include posting guest blogs on third-party sites, you are missing out on a highly effective legal marketing tactic.

The obvious first question has to be “what is guest blogging?” The process of writing a blog and then, rather than posting it on your own website, having it published on someone else’s site is what we call guest blogging. Whether your work is placed on a dedicated site for member articles or a local business’ own blog page, spreading those backlinks to your own site across the web is the primary goal.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging

While you certainly wouldn’t be the first to think it seems counterintuitive to give your work away for free, the ROI for submitting your blogs to publishers is absolutely worth it. Here’s why.

  • Networking. Building relationships with local business’ by sharing articles back and forth not only benefits your online presence, but also creates the potential for referral clients. It’s a win-win!
  • Authority. When your work is published on a credible site, it automatically makes you more of an authority on the subject. Obviously, clients are more likely to contact those that they deem to be experienced, knowledgeable and authoritative in their field.
  • Traffic. The reason you pay for marketing in the first place, to get more people on your site and ringing your phone. By sharing links back to your site with third-party publishers, you’re increasing the likelihood that someone who needs your services will find you.
  • Endorsement. When you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to gain traction. One of the most effective ways to build that momentum is to have your article published on another site with higher domain authority. This allows you to expand your audience and benefit from the “endorsement” of a well-established site by increasing the chances you’ll place well for those SEO keywords you like.

What Makes a Good Guest Blog?

To be successful, you should spend a little time doing your research and putting some real thought into your plan. Here are some key things to keep in mind.

  • Go for Quality. You may be tempted to give in to the temptation to simply throw some words on a page, attach a link to the homepage of your website and expect people to accept your submission. Publishers want quality. Readers want quality. Invest in quality or your time will be wasted.
  • No Roboblog. Many digital marketing professionals use bots to create and submit guest blogs. While it may seem convenient, all it really does is conveniently cost you money. These submissions are almost unanimously rejected by guest blogging sites.
  • Know Your Audience. When submitting your blogs, keep in mind exactly what kind of audience your blog would appeal to and submit it to sites that match that audience.
  • About You. A lot of guest blog sites allow their authors to create profiles with all kinds of information. Take advantage of it. By completely filling out your profile, not only do you come across as more professional, but you also increase the likelihood that potential clients find you.

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