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Why Is Sexual Harassment Common in the Restaurant Industry?

Our Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers Explain This National Issue Service workers have some of the hardest jobs imaginable. Many put up with rude customers, poor tippers, long hours, difficult work and sexual harassment. In the restaurant industry, sexual harassment is extremely common among servers, bartenders, cooks and supervisors.  According to the Harvard Business Review,…. Read More

Can I Receive Compensation from a Hit and Run Injury Claim? 

Hit-and-run accidents make it more difficult for law enforcement to pursue a criminal conviction and create issues for survivors of the crash who need to collect compensation for their damages. In California, it may be possible to recover adequate compensation from a hit-and-run driver under the right circumstances. Hit-and-run drivers can receive misdemeanor or felony…. Read More

What Is Medical Canvassing?

Did you know that fraud may steal $80 billion a year from insurance companies? In fact, 21 percent of bodily injury claims and 18 percent of personal injury protection claims involved some sort of fraud or buildup.  Due to this dilemma, there are times in the claims handling process when insurance adjusters become skeptical of…. Read More

Federal Regulations for the Trucking Industry

Have you been injured in a trucking accident?  The trucking industry is highly regulated and collisions between trucks and vehicles are more challenging and legally complex than car accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is a branch of the United States Department of Transportation that governs all rules and regulations related to truck…. Read More

Posting About An Accident On Social Media

If you have been hit by a drunk driver or someone who was recklessly operating their vehicle, you may be going through a wide variety of problems. Whether you have physical pain, financial difficulties, or mental trauma, you may feel as if nobody understands the situation you are in or have no idea how to…. Read More

When Do Doctors Make More Medical Errors?

Medical errors are a serious issue in our country. They are the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer, which is why the healthcare industry is trying to reduce these errors. However, a new study may be refocusing that effort as it exposes when doctors are more likely to make a life-threatening…. Read More

Who Is Liable in a Sexual Harassment or Discrimination Lawsuit?

Our Los Angeles Sex Discrimination Attorneys Explain Employer Liability Sexual harassment and discrimination are common problems in the American workplace. As you already know, a national movement, the #MeToo movement, focused on the issue over the past two years.  Workers who experience sexual harassment or discrimination can face lasting psychological trauma and damage to their…. Read More