Dallas, Texas

What You Didn’t Know About Dallas, Texas

Ten Fun Facts From Our Dallas SEO Company

Home to over 1.3 million people, the city of Dallas is one of the busiest tourist spots in Texas. Whether you are planning a trip to Dallas or you want to settle down in this growing metro area, these facts about Dallas, Texas will make you fall in love with the city.

  1. Home of the Country’s Largest Arts District
    The largest arts district in the entire United States is in Dallas. Over 19 blocks of museums and galleries let you explore every type of art in the world.
  2. It Is a Major Filming Location for Movies and TV Shows
    Dozens of TV shows and movies have been filmed in Dallas. Highlights include Benji, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, RoboCop, and Walker, Texas Ranger.
  3. Nation’s First Professional Cheerleading Squad Started in Dallas
    The internationally-known Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were actually the first professional cheerleading squad. Since getting started in 1972, they have captivated audiences with their athleticism and grace. The reality TV show Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders follows the process of choosing the squad every year.
  4. Your Favorite Slurpee Comes From Dallas
    You might say convenience stores started in Dallas. National chain 7-Eleven originated in and is still headquartered in Dallas.
  5. The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Gives Visitors a Workout
    The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport covers nearly 27 square miles, so it is larger than the island of Manhattan.
  6. German Chocolate Originated in Dallas
    People everywhere think that German chocolate is named for its country of origin, but it was actually developed by Sam German. He developed the dark baking chocolate that is now used in German chocolate cake.
  7. We Would Not Have the Super Bowl Without Dallas
    While writing a letter to the NFL commissioner in 1967, Lamar Hunt coined the term “Super Bowl.” Since then, the Dallas Cowboys have won five Super Bowls.
  8. Largest Metropolitan Area Without A Navigable Body of Water
    Dallas does not have a navigable body of water, setting it apart from many of the nation’s other established metropolitan regions.
  9. Christmas Is Bigger in Dallas
    Visitors and residents can get into the holiday spirit at the Galleria Dallas, which houses the nation’s largest indoor Christmas tree.
  10. A Little Bit of American History Lives in Dallas
    Not only is the history of Dallas, Texas rich and full of stories, but it is also part of American history. One of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence is on display at the Dallas Public Library.

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