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Digital Marketing for Law Firms

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Depending on their area of practice, many attorneys may view any kind of marketing as unseemly. They worry that high-dollar corporate clients will think less of them if they seek business, rather than being sought after. They may view digital marketing for law firms as fraught with trouble. They must be careful about saying anything about their competition and must be extremely careful about even appearing to make promises to potential clients.

Digital marketing for law firms becomes more necessary as technology advances and as the public becomes more proficient at using digital technology. People still ask for referrals when they need an attorney, but so much information is available on the internet that many people believe they can find information that will help them resolve their legal problems themselves. Instead of conducting an internet search for a qualified attorney, they will type in a search term about the legal matter at hand.

One technique used in digital marketing for law firms is to provide free content on legal topics. This content can be crafted in such a way as to educate a person just enough to help them realize that they really do need to retain an attorney. The purpose of the free content is to establish the knowledge and competence of an attorney or a law firm. People think of their situations as unique, so they are glad to find attorneys who understand their problems.

Advances in technology give rise to new issues in patent, copyright, and contract law. Rulings on gay marriage give rise to new issues in divorce, child custody and adoption. Digital marketing for law firms is necessary for law firms to attract potential clients dealing with these issues. The first person to have their foot run over by a self-driving car will ask for referrals from friends and colleagues, but will also look for an attorney who has explored the question, “Who will be responsible for an injury caused by a self-driving car?” An attorney who has written a blog post on this issue may be the one to get the case.

Digital marketing can take many forms, including blog posts, podcasts, ebooks and inexpensive video. Contact MediaSmack to discuss how digital marketing can attract potential clients for your firm.