E-A-T: How to Make Your Business Appear More Trustworthy

Our Online Marketing Firm Explains E-A-T and Trustworthiness

Prior blogs discussed why the concept of expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) is so important for certain businesses. If you are a law firm, dentist, health clinic, hospital or any other type of business that helps people make important life decisions, then ignoring E-A-T can only cause harm.

In this article, we break down the “T” in E-A-T. Refer to prior blogs to learn more about authoritativeness (A) and expertise< (E).

Trustworthiness is not only a crucial part of E-A-T, but something that all business owners should strive for in their relationships with clients and customers. When it comes to SEO, trustworthiness can help your site attract more traffic and potential business. Below, our online marketing firm explains how you can optimize your website and online reputation to showcase your trustworthiness. 

Maintain Your Online Reputation 

When it comes to trustworthiness, nothing is more important than your online reputation. How other people see your business may influence how search engines interact with your business’s website. The following strategies can help bolster your online reputation. 

  • Be active on social media. Engage with your customers across multiple social media platforms, as it helps potential customers and clients learn more about your business. Be sure your social media profiles have information about your business, such as the website URL and contact information. Social media marketing in general is a great way for businesses to get more online exposure. 
  • Maintain your online reviews. You should aim to have a high aggregate review score on your most important business listings, especially Google My Business and Yelp. Facebook reviews may also be important. Low review scores may be indicative of untrustworthy business practices.
  • Fix NAP issues. Name-address-phone (NAP) problems can make your business appear untrustworthy. Make sure your business listings and social media profiles have consistent information about your business name, address and phone number. There are tools, such as SEMRush Listing Management, that can automatically fix NAP issues in less than 24 hours across dozens of listings. 

Online reputation management is a process. Most businesses need to spend time each week performing the tasks listed above. Some businesses must be even more hands-on, making adjustments each day. 

Ensure Your Site Is Transparent

Transparency is necessary for creating an atmosphere of trust with your clientele. You should make the following information easily accessible on your website. 

  • Authors. Most websites in 2021 have content. If your site lacks content, then you should consider calling us for a consultation on our blog marketing services. Make sure that your site’s content has a clearly defined author. The more expertise the author has, the better for your site’s overall E-A-T and SEO. Consider creating biographic pages for content authors that discuss certifications, awards, prior experience and education. For example, if you post a blog on your website, consider linking to the author’s bio page. 
  • Contact information. No one wants to do business with a company that conceals its contact information. Make sure your phone number, address and email are visible at minimum. Be sure to include information on steps your customers and clients must take to resolve disputes. 
  • Privacy policy. Add an easily accessible privacy policy to your site. A privacy policy lets people know how your site collects visitor information. Depending on the state your business resides in, you may have to use a privacy policy to remain in accordance with the law. 
  • Include testimonials and reviews. You may have positive testimonials or reviews from clients or customers. Be sure to include these testimonials or reviews on your website. 
  • Include terms of business information. If your business provides a refundable service, then you should include information about refunds on your website. Adding information about business terms can help with transparency. 

Your clientele should have a good idea of who they are doing business with, otherwise your site’s E-A-T will suffer. 

Make Sure Site Content Is Accurate

Content accuracy is important for the vast majority of businesses because it showcases trustworthiness. People need to be able to trust your business to help them make important life or financial decisions. Below are some tips for ensuring accuracy: 

  • Proper use of citations. Some blogs, such as blogs discussing prior court cases or medical studies, should have citations.
  • Use an editor. When it comes to writing, or really any creative process, it helps to have an extra set of eyes. An editor can catch typos, inconsistencies and incorrect information that you might miss. If you cannot use an editor, use a service like Grammarly to prevent excessive grammar, punctuation and spelling problems. 
  • Include publish dates. People are more likely to trust relevant and recent information. Outdated information might be inaccurate or no longer important. Make sure blog posts on your site have a clearly defined publication date. 
  • Include updates. Never leave outdated information on your site. If you have a blog post or content page with outdated information, then you should make updates.

Cut or Edit Problematic Content

You may have content on your site that you cannot update or that may no longer be relevant. In some cases, your site’s E-A-T can take a hit if you keep this inaccurate or outdated information live. 

Consider removing content that is outdated, incorrect or no longer relevant. Make edits or updates if you can, but understand that altering existing content is not always the best option.

Make Sure Your Site Has Encryption

If you are a business operating a YMYL site, then you cannot afford to not have a security certificate. This is especially true if site visitors can perform transactions on your site. SSL certificates help safeguard site visitor information. We encourage you to check out our blog on the importance of SSL certificates to learn more. 

Site visitors should feel safe while browsing or interacting with your website, especially if they are making a purchase. The technical specifications of your website can affect E-A-T and SEO. 

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