Putting the A in E-A-T: Why Authoritativeness Is Central to SEO Strategy

Recent blogs discussed the importance of E-A-T, also known as expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Authoritativeness is an important part of E-A-T and developing an effective SEO strategy. When a business has authoritativeness, it is an accepted “authority” within its industry. People trust that business as a good source of information to help them make important decisions or purchases. 

When MediaSmack became a company in 2013, our clients consisted of mainly law firms and attorneys. Authoritativeness must be a pillar for any legal marketing strategy. Attorneys must demonstrate they are an authority within their practice areas. However, the same is true for many other types of businesses. 

Authoritativeness, and E-A-T in general, is super important for businesses that operate Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) sites. As the name implies, these are sites that help people make important life, financial or health decisions. Below, we discuss factors an effective SEO strategy should have to boost authoritativeness.

Content Is Essential for Authoritativeness

Onsite and offsite content is an opportunity to showcase your authoritativeness. Content can help build your business’s brand and reputation as an authority within your specific industry. The ultimate goal should be to create content that people trust and want to share. 

Develop content that people are comfortable sharing on social media or other websites. If you can create authoritative content, then other more authoritative websites may opt to share that content. Social media mentions and guest posts demonstrate that your content and business have authority. 

Be sure to properly cite sources you use in content. Keep your content up-to-date and ensure that it covers information that is relevant to your clientele. 

Creating a single piece of content is not enough to boost authority for any business. You must regularly publish high-quality, authoritative content on your website or on other high-quality, authoritative websites.

Mentions Across the Web Boost Authoritativeness

When other businesses or websites mention your business, it can help showcase your authority. The goal here is to get other reputable websites to demonstrate your business’s authority. Although there are numerous ways to accomplish this goal, you will almost always have to create a need for other businesses or websites to mention your business.

Perhaps one of the most successful strategies we ever executed was a Reddit IAmA for a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney. By the time the IAmA completed, it had obtained more than 4,500 comments and was mentioned on other websites. The bankruptcy law firm that participated in the IAmA has since remained at the top of Google search results, even five years later. 

Convincing Reddit to let our client do the IAmA was the easy part. The hard part was developing an IAmA that people wanted to engage with. To receive mentions elsewhere across the Internet, you must find a way to get people interested in your business. You will need to think outside of the box. In the case of the Reddit IAmA, it took place in the middle of a presidential election where student loans were a major policy issue. Our strategist suspected this would make people more likely to engage with a student loan and bankruptcy attorney. 

You can also obtain high-quality backlinks by receiving mentions elsewhere on the Internet. High-quality, relevant backlinks make search engines more likely to see your business as an authority. You may even get a Wikipedia page if a great enough number of businesses mention and link to your business. 

Maintain a Healthy Backlinks Profile

Domain authority is important for a YMYL website. There is no universal good or bad domain authority score. What counts is that your domain authority score is higher than your competitors. 

You can boost domain authority by obtaining high-quality backlinks. These are links to your website that are on other authoritative websites. There are a few ways to obtain high-quality backlinks for your business, one of which we mentioned above. 

Business listings and guest posts are two additional ways to get more backlinks. You could use a tool like SEMRush or Ahrefs to determine which business listings your competitors use for backlinks. This is perhaps the easiest way to build a high-quality backlinks profile in a short period of time.

Guest blogs are a good way to showcase your content while obtaining backlinks. Much like you would with obtaining mentions, you must demonstrate a need for other websites to host your content. Reach out to webmasters at other high-quality sites and tell them what they have to gain from hosting a guest blog written by your business. 

Press releases, which fall under a type of guest post, help showcase authority. MediaSmack strategists use press releases to help our clients showcase their expertise and authority for specific practice areas. In addition to helping with authority, press releases are also a great way to obtain a large number of high-quality backlinks. 

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