Google’s Core Web Vitals: Is It Time to Redesign Your Site?

Search engines have focused on the value that websites deliver for some time. A recent initiative from Google called Web Vitals is enhancing that process even further.

When websites get optimized to improve UX (user experience) qualities, several benefits occur.

  • Revenues are higher because user-friendly interfaces are more likely to meet a customer’s immediate needs.
  • An improved design encourages website visitors to interact with site content more often.
  • It streamlines the conversion process by reducing steps and removing unnecessary obstacles that prevent transactions.
  • Under the Web Vitals banner, Google offers unified guidance to deliver the quality signals needed for a great UX.

Why Is This Google Core Update Crucial to Review?

A subset of Google’s update is referred to as Core Web Vitals. These elements apply to every web page, which means every site owner should measure this information consistently.

What makes the Google Core Web Vitals unique is that they’re an evolving metric set to consider for the consumer UX. In 2020, the three focus aspects were visual stability, interactivity, and loading.

Each area has specific metrics that evaluate the website’s effectiveness to provide value. One example is the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) data point that measures loading performance. It should happen within 2.5 seconds of when the page starts loading and must be under four seconds to provide value.

With Google’s commitment to have all the metrics included in its tools, every site owner must think about these value definitions right now for optimization purposes. The difference in this update is that it must also be an ongoing response.

Does Core Web Vitals Change Digital Marketing’s Future?

If you’re a digital marketing firm, a website redesign services specialist, or an SEO professional, the Google Core Update merely formalizes the activities already performed for most clients. Instead of operating from a loosely codified set of standards, everyone is now working from the same playbook.

Although digital marketing will want to focus on the page experience signal from Core Web Vitals, some existing metrics remain crucial to the value-based definitions used for ranking. Website owners must still look at safe browsing techniques, incorporate HTTPS security, and have a responsive design with mobile-friendliness.

Google also says that a great page experience doesn’t override relevant content. The difference is that when multiple sites have similar content, the Core Web Vitals become essential for search visibility.

That means you can think of this element as a tiebreaker with your competitor. When all other optimization points are equal, your Google core business structure will provide that extra value boost to get found first more often.

How Can I Measure My Google Core Vitals?

When you want to see how your Google core vitals are currently performing, you can use several tools to track results.

Several items come from Google’s tools, including PageSpeed Insights, Search Console, and Chrome UX report.

Digital marketing still focuses on value. The difference is that now you need great content and a fantastic UX to rank higher than the competition. That’s why partnering with an agency or having internal experience with Google Core Web Vitals is an investment that makes sense in 2021 and beyond. Our Austin and Frisco social media marketing teams are happy to review your current website to see if we can point you in the right direction. Please call one of our consultants at (888) 530-2935 or contact us online.

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