How Do We Find Trending Keywords for Our Clients?

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Keyword research is one of the most important parts of developing an effective SEO strategy. By selecting and utilizing the correct keywords, we help improve search rankings and organic traffic for our clients. However, as anyone in the digital marketing business will tell you, there are numerous ways to conduct keyword research.

Conducting Effective Keyword Research Strategies

At MediaSmack, we employ a number of strategies to select the best keywords for our clients. Some of these strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Discovering which topics are relevant to our clients. To start the research process, it’s crucial that we understand who our client is and what type of content they want on their website. Once we have made this determination, our SEO strategists have a better understanding of how to conduct keyword research for the client. If we have a client who wants to show up specifically for scooter accidents in San Jose, then we find a way to strategically incorporate scooter accident keywords into the client’s content.
  • Determining which keywords can fit into each topic. We also identify the most effective ways to incorporate our keywords into the content. Keywords must be placed at specific locations within the content and on a site, otherwise, the content may fail to show up effectively in SERPs (search engine result pages). At MediaSmack, we have this process down to a science.
  • Researching related search terms. When we need more keywords, we also look at the related search terms. There are many different tools we can use to find related search terms, including Google searches, Google Trends, and other apps.
  • Checking for long-tail keywords. These are longer keyword phrases that contain three or more words. In addition to shorter (simpler) keywords, we also like to mix in long-tail keywords for a balanced keyword strategy. Longer phrases tend to get more traffic, even though shorter phrases and single words get the most search volume.
  • Looking at competitors. We check which keywords are ranking for a client’s competitors. By researching competitor websites, we gain a better understanding of which keywords to use to improve rankings for the client.

Our SEO teams develop and execute strategies that help our clients improve their online visibility. Follow our blog for more information on what our company does and how we can create a marketing strategy for your business. You can also like us on Facebook to receive future blog updates.

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