The Best Keywords for Law Firms in 2021

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of developing an effective SEO strategy. By selecting and utilizing the correct keywords, you can improve search rankings and organic traffic for your law firm’s website. However, as anyone in the digital marketing business will tell you, there are numerous ways to conduct keyword research.

Finding the best keywords for law firms that operate at local or national level is a process. To get you started, we’ve outlined the best keywords for the select areas of practice below. We also provide a quick guide on keyword research strategy.

Best Keywords for Law Firms by Practice Area

The best keywords for law firms will vary depending on each law firm’s marketing objectives, practice areas and target audience. The keywords below are high volume keywords found through the SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool. This list, which is broken up by practice area, can serve as a good starting point for the more in-depth keyword research explained further below.

Personal Injury

Keyword Volume Keyword Difficulty
personal injury lawyer 60500 77.98
personal injury attorney 33100 77.87
personal injury attorneys 33100 77.87
personal injury lawyers 18100 74.92
injury attorney 14800 72.86

Vehicle Accidents

Keyword Volume Keyword Difficulty
car accident lawyers 60500 69.09
car accident lawyer 60500 71.31
lawyer for a car accident 60500 71.31
truck accident lawyer 22200 57.87
motorcycle accident lawyer 18100 63.09


Keyword Volume Keyword Difficulty
lawyer bankruptcy 40500 81.37
bankruptcy attorney 33100 78.67
bankrupt attorneys 33100 78.67
bankruptcy attorneys 33100 78.67
bankruptcy lawyer 27100 79.66

Criminal Law

Keyword Volume Keyword Difficulty
criminal defense attorney 27100 75.63
criminal defense lawyer 14800 76.96
defense attorney 14800 80.57
criminal defense lawyer near me 3600 68.97
defense lawyer 3600 77.85

If your law firm’s practice area was not listed above and/or you would like help with your keyword research, please contact our digital marketing team.

Factors to Consider to Determine the Best Keywords for Your Practice

To ensure that you are targeting keywords that are viable for your SEO strategy, you need to consider the following factors for each keyword:

  • Keyword Search Volume. Keyword search volume refers to the number of, or volume, of searches for a particular keyword in a given period of time.
  • Keyword Competition. Keyword competition, also known as keyword difficulty, is a measure of how difficult it may be to rank in organic search for a particular keyword. This can vary based on several factors such as the number of search results, keyword popularity and the industry competition.
  • Search Intent. Identifying search intent is important for SEO as it ultimately will determine how successful you are at satisfying the user’s search query. First, you will want to determine if the keyword is primarily being used by a user with transactional, informational or navigational intent. Then you will need to determine how you can satisfy that search intent better than your competitors.

Keyword Research Strategy: A Quick Guide

At MediaSmack, our team of digital marketing strategists employ a number of strategies to select the best keywords for law firms. Some of these strategies include, but are not limited to:

1. Conduct Keyword Research for a Defined Target Audience

To start the research process, it’s crucial that we understand our client’s marketing objectives. Once our SEO strategists are dialed into the firm’s digital marketing goals and has defined its target audience, our team conducts keyword research for relevant terms. For example, if we have a client who wants to show up specifically for scooter accidents in San Jose, then we find a way to strategically incorporate scooter accident keywords into the client’s content.

2. Find Opportunities to Rank With Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that contain three or more words. In addition to shorter (simpler) keywords, we also recommend utilizing long-tail keywords for a balanced keyword strategy. These keywords are essential components to a law firm’s keyword strategy, especially in a competitive market, as it tends to be less difficult to rank for these keywords. At MediaSmack, our Local SEO strategies involve targeting geo-specific long-tail keywords such as “truck accident lawyer phoenix az.” These keywords allow us to directly target a client’s local audience.

3. Competitor Research

When conducting initial keyword research for a client, our SEO strategist will conduct competitor research. By researching competitor websites, we gain a better understanding of which keywords to use and how to compete against a client’s competitor.

4. Keyword Mapping and Keyword Utilization

When we have successfully gathered relevant keywords for a law firm’s focus practice areas, we then build out a keyword map for our strategy. This keyword map will help us identify the most effective ways to incorporate our keywords throughout the website and within content. Keywords must be placed at specific locations within the content and on a site, otherwise, the content may fail to show up effectively in SERPs (search engine result pages). At MediaSmack, we have this process down to a science.

Discuss Your Law Firm Keyword Research Strategy With Our Experts

If you need help finding the best keywords for law firms in your online market, our Austin and Frisco digital marketing teams can help. Our digital marketing team develops and executes local SEO strategies that help our clients improve their online visibility. Please call one of our consultants at (888) 530-2935 or contact us online.

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