How has Covid changed Digital Marketing?

This past year has been so difficult for many throughout the world in different ways.
Some it was in impact on their family, others their job or business eliminated perhaps because it was determined
non-essential. But one thing is certain, the Covid pandemic has forever changed the human race and their overall

As we focus on 2021 and the future in front of us, we first must analyze these changes
to see how we should approach marketing our business to those individuals. Do we continue with the same old
marketing strategies? Or do we look at separating ourselves from our competitors?

Show me the money!

We have found that overall, an individual’s total screen time on mobile devices has
increased by over 7.3% online. When you consider this globally, that is over 316 million people! Social media users
increased by over 13.2% globally. These numbers, while they don’t seem overwhelming, are actually drastic in the
scheme of potential opportunity for your company’s online presence.

  • Internet users: The goal of an
    presence is visibility
    . If the overall amount of traffic
    online increases, so does your opportunity for those individuals to reach you when they need your
  • Social Media users: Sometimes I find business owners under-value the importance of a solid social
    media presence. Individuals are connecting to their friends and family daily on Facebook, Twitter &
    Instagram online. These are their loved ones whom they trust, so why wouldn’t you want to be front and
    center during this time? 

    • In 2021, we have found that
      over 79% of Americans now have a social media presence vs. 10% in 2008. This is including every
      demographic in these statistics. Those are incredible numbers and tells me as a marketing
      professional that it is essential that you have a solid presence on Social Media.

Separate your business from your competitors!

Now is the time to think outside the box. If you put yourself in your consumers shoes
during this time when they are online more than ever, what would you like to see?

  • Video:
    The power of video is the ability to cross an emotional barrier. Statistics show that you have an 80%
    greater opportunity to engage an individual through a video on a webpage vs. regular written
  • Blogging: What have you been wanting to tell your prospective audience, but never had the
    time to write it down? Blogs are gold for your website’s SEO value. Primarily because you can show your
    credibility & personality for relevant content that client’s would be interested in. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s): Imagine how much value you could provide to potential clients by helping answer
    the most important questions they have prior to reaching out to you over the phone. Adding this content to
    your website helps screen prospects, as well as educate them for a better opportunity.
  • Virtual Meetings/Availability:
    If you have not learned already from your kid’s online schooling, or been invited to a virtual meeting- it’s
    time. Zoom, Skype & GotoMeeting have overtaken the way customer-facing interactions. Let your prospects
    know that your business has this capability somewhere on your website.

Marketing has become more important than ever:

  • Your patience & your pocketbook will be tested but be resilient.
    If you are a business owner, you are already someone who can laugh in the
    face of adversity. Now is the time to double down on your business as we start to see the light. The reason
    is simple, we are investing for the future.
  • Opportunity: If
    we have a greater opportunity NOW to reach potential customers when they are looking for your business, why
    would we not take advantage of it? Placing yourself in front of individuals as the expert in your
    who can be trusted to help them is your primary

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