How to Boost SEO for a Law Firm

When you are looking to boost SEO for a law firm, you need to keep budget and competition in mind. You also need to make sure that you target the right keywords and that you have a plan for your backlink profile. Below, I run (quickly) through a few tips on how to boost SEO for a law firm. You can also read some of my recent blogs that go more in depth about each of these law firm SEO tips.

Why does my law firm need a website and SEO?

I always start out my blog post guides with the basics. I assume certain things and that makes an… out of me. So, to even start to do SEO for a law firm website, you have to have a… website! If you don’t, then the rest doesn’t matter. The design of the website matters little in the scheme of things. It is much more about the user experience, including giving people what they need right away than it is about blue versus green or this image versus that one. So, get a website, make sure it works and then we can talk turkey.

SEO makes sure that your website shows up organically in the search results for search engines (of which Google is the most important). If you do a Google search for a phrase, let’s say “San Antonio divorce lawyer near me”, you will see that there are about 98,700,000 results. That means that almost 100 million websites are related to that topic. Law firm SEO services aim to get you to the top of the list. So, do you want to show up well in Google? If so, then  you need a website and you need SEO for your law firm website.

How much should an SEO service cost a law firm?

Unsurprisingly, every SEO marketing company charges different fees for their services. Some are flat-rate, some are retainer and some are… just interesting. When my law firm SEO experts are quoting a client, we always start with basic questions about geographic area and practice area. Obviously, the more competitive those areas are, the more it is going to cost for SEO management. That’s because it takes more time, energy and effort to move you up in a competitive area.

At MediaSmack, our agency chooses to work on a retainer for your marketing strategy. We basically offer our clients a bucket of hours every month. Based on our conversations about your goals (keeping in mind geographic reach and practice area niches), we then tell you how we want to use your hours. We’re very transparent about that. Of course, we will defer to you as to how to best spend your budget. But, generally speaking, our clients rely on our expertise. In very general terms, I would expect a typical SEO package to start out at $1,000.00 per month and increase based on competitiveness. The average law firm easily spends $3,500.00 per month on SEO and digital marketing services. Keep in mind that Pay Per Click (PPC) and Local Service Ads (LSA) are totally separate from these. (As a side note, I do think every law firm digital marketing package should include SEO, PPC, LSAs and social media. But, start with what you can afford.)

What are the best keywords for law firms to use in SEO?

We recently wrote a post about the best keywords for attorneys to use called… you guessed it, The Best Keywords for Law Firms in 2021. I would recommend reading that. But, I always start by using (free) and (paid subscription) for suggestions.

How do I build backlinks for law firm SEO and where can I post my law firm website to enhance SEO?

Once you have a website, you need to make sure that the website is found. We always recommend starting with business citations. That is basically any listing online that reads kind of like the old-fashioned Yellow Pages. It lists info about your firm, phone number, hours, website, etc. Start with what we call “The Big Three”, which is Google My Business (GMB), Yelp for Business and Bing Places for Business. From there, you can check out lesser known business listings, like MerchantCircle, Cylex and HotFrog, though there are literally thousands of these.

Then, once you have basic citations, you need to focus more locally. You should reach out to your local bar associations, chambers of commerce, businesses that share your same building, charities you support, etc. Most of them have a way to feature your law firm in some way (though some offer pay to play options).

Next, I’d move to the big national ones that you likely already have in place for your firm. Think AVVO,, etc. Some of these only allow a basic listing (like the business citation), but some allow you to post articles or answer real questions. The goal of posting your law firm website in all of these places is to enhance your domain authority. Every link to your site is an endorsement of your business. The most popular ones tend to rank better than those that do not.

Need Help with How to Boost SEO for a Law Firm?

That’s why I have a job 🙂 My design eye isn’t great to be honest. But, I have a wonderful website design team that handles that just fine. My expertise is in SEO, specifically online marketing for law firms. I have been an SEO consultant for more than 15 years to attorneys just like you. After graduating from Trinity University in San Antonio, I joined a local law firm SEO company and the rest is history.

So, how can I help you? I take a look at what your content currently says (and hopefully it’s not just a sales pitch). Next, I make sure it’s targeting the right keywords for your target geographic area and practice area niche. Then, I check your onsite user experience (can I get where I need to easily? Does it load quickly, etc). I also check a few things behind the scenes like meta tags and schema markup. Finally, I take a look at your domain authority using Moz and Ahrefs. I also take a peek at your competition. Based on all of that exhaustive research (which I absolutely love), I come up with a plan of attack that is completely based on what you need. If your content is great, I’ll leave it alone. If you have a DA of 40, I’ll focus on things other than basic backlinks. But, I am here to offer some law firm marketing ideas when you need me.

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