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Lawsuit Against JLL Alleges Corrupt Culture, Securities Fraud, and Sexual Harassment

In early 2019, a former JLL employee in Los Angeles brought a lawsuit against her one-time employer, highlighting an issue that has existed in the financial advice sector for some time. Research indicates that 30 percent of financial advisers have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, and 50 percent have witnessed or experienced harassment multiple times. The plaintiff is represented by the Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers at Yadegar, Minoofar, & Soleymani LLP.

Securities Fraud Allegations

In addition to sexual harassment, the lawsuit alleges that plaintiff Amanda Ly was told to illegally solicit investments for a client’s fund, even though her supervisor knew she did not have the proper securities license. Ly further alleges that her supervisor told her to lie about investments in the fund to bring on more investors. Per her claim, her continued employment was contingent on her continued violations of securities law.

Claims of Sexual Harassment

The sexual harassment portion of the lawsuit focuses on an incident that allegedly occurred shortly after Ly began working for JLL. In the suit, Ly describes traveling to New York under her supervisor’s direction in order to attend a business dinner with him and representatives of his client. After the dinner, Ly claims that her supervisor told her to take the two male clients out to a bar for drinks without the supervisor present.

Per the sexual harassment lawsuit, the conversation immediately became inappropriate. Ly describes the clients allegedly asking her inappropriate sexual questions, which she had to deflect in a polite way to try to maintain the business relationship. Ly alleges that her supervisor’s order to take the clients out was to allow them to amuse themselves at her expense or give them the chance to try to proposition her.

Issues Ignored by Higher-Ups and Human Resources

The lawsuit details Ly’s efforts to get help from others at JLL. She claims that she asked for assistance from JLL’s head of the Global Funds Advisory team. The suit alleges that in response to her request for help, she was told to “work around” her supervisor.  And, she later was criticized for reporting the inappropriate and illegal activity to JLL’s compliance officer. Ly’s suit indicates that her supervisor’s actions were ignored or downplayed due to his history of successfully raising money for his clients.

The lawsuit claims that, after Ly brought her concerns to a human resources representative, her concerns were ignored, and it was suggested that she mutually separate from the company. Subsequently, Ly’s email address was deleted and she was fired, creating a claim of wrongful termination and retaliation.

This case, like many workplace sexual harassment cases, highlights the risks employees face in the workforce. Rather than being able to trust their supervisors and company representatives, employees are often shown the door when they fear for their safety or bring up legitimate concerns. Through wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and retaliation lawsuits, attorneys can help current and former employees seek justice and create an environment that discourages further such behavior in professional settings.

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Sexual harassment is a serious issue in many industries, and victims often face wrongful termination and other types of retaliation if they speak up. This issue creates an environment in which no one can feel safe or work productively. If you have been targeted by a current or former employer, then reach out to the team at Yadegar, Minoofar, & Soleymani LLP. Call us at (310) 499-0140 to discuss your next step.

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