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What do I have to prove in a slip and fall case?

How do I prove my injuries in a slip and fall case? Video transcript: Premises liability, you know, that can be very difficult because the law in Texas isn’t…a lot of people think if you fall on somebody’s property then the property owner is automatically responsible or liable for it. That’s not the case. In…. Read More

Top Black Ice Dangers — And What to Do About Them

Winter weather sparks its fair share of grumbling, but some conditions extend beyond annoying to prove downright dangerous. Black ice, in particular, places drivers and pedestrians at risk. It can’t always be avoided, but preventative efforts can at least reduce the risk of spin-outs or falls. Driving With black ice, the cliche of an ounce…. Read More

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit?

An unexpected death is painful for the surviving family members. The grief, devastation, and damages can be overwhelming. If you believe that negligence or a wrongful action caused the death of your loved one, then you need to consult a San Jose wrongful death attorney. Wrongful death claims can provide financial support for certain family…. Read More

Protecting Yourself from Wrong-Way Accidents

It’s terrifying to be in a situation on the roadway and see a driver coming at you in either the wrong lane or driving in the wrong direction. Wrong-way accidents are a common occurrence and a large contributor to accidents every year. These types of accidents typically cause catastrophic injuries as the head-on collisions have…. Read More

3 Reasons You May Need a Medical Background Investigation for Your Insurance Claim Investigation

When an injury accident occurs, insurance companies need to assess the damages and the claimant’s injuries. This process involves asking questions about their injuries and the damages they suffered. It also involves asking questions about prior medical conditions and injuries. After all, the insurance company is not responsible for treating past injuries.  Unfortunately, many claimants…. Read More

Fraternity Hazing Deaths Continue to Be on the Rise

This past semester, more than four young men have died from college fraternity hazing. Two of those deaths occurred in November 2019. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Since 2016, the number of fraternity hazing deaths have been on the rise. This is despite policy changes at many universities, anti-hazing laws and activism. Many believe that…. Read More

Court Throws a Challenge Flag on Cowboy Fan’s $700,000 Verdict

A football fan may not see any of the $700,000 in damages awarded in a 2018 jury verdict against the Philadelphia Eagles over allegations of negligent security. The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently vacated the award in a ruling that “could prove instructive in other premises liability cases,” according to The Legal Intelligencer. Patrick Pearson, who…. Read More

Safe Driving Tips For Your Holiday Road Trip

Ready to hit the road for your next holiday gathering? You’re certainly not alone. Every year, AAA forecasts travel plans for over 100 million Americans. Many spend hours on planes, but others find themselves crammed in their cars and duking it out with obnoxious winter weather. Add traffic, road rage, and drunk driving, and you…. Read More