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Our creative team was fortunate enough to attend the Digital Summit held in Austin on the first week in June. The Digital Summit is a two-day event where attendees can learn about the best practices, latest trends and strategies from experts in the digital marketing space.

We had the option of choosing between 45 digital marketing sessions, giving us tons of practical information that we can use when implementing our SEO campaigns. Many of these sessions were given by leading experts and brands, including Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Our ticket to the Digital Summit also included access to each speaker’s presentation notes and slides, allowing us the opportunity to reference and use the information in our marketing initiatives year-round.

The members of our MediaSmack team had a great time attending the event and were grateful for the experience. Account Manager Rudy Villalobos said “This year’s event included an incredibly diverse and inspiring group of speakers. It’s easy to see the benefit of attending a Digital Summit. Each session is informative and provides numerous actionable takeaways to improve your brand campaign or marketing services.”

Design Department Manager Greg Sanders also enjoyed his experience at the Digital Summit. According to him, “It was awesome seeing rooms filled with people from all backgrounds, departments and ages sharing their real experience.”

Topics Covered at the Digital Summit

There were a wide variety of topics covered at the Digital Summit in Austin. The topics discussed included:

  • B2B Marketing

  • B2C Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Conversion

  • Customer Experience

  • Data

  • Design

  • Email Marketing

  • Measurement

  • Paid Advertising

  • SEO & Search

  • Social Media

  • Video Marketing

Each member of our agency attempted to attend as many sessions as possible. SEO Strategist Carlie Fitzpatrick was particularly pleased with the marketing sessions that she took part in. According to her, “I loved learning from a wide variety of people in the marketing industry. It was exciting to learn about strategies that we have already aligned into our practice. It was even more exciting to hear about strategies that we haven’t incorporated yet and brainstorm how we could use them to work for our goals. I’m already excited for next year!”

Senior SEO Strategist Priscilla Aguirre also found many of the sessions incredibly useful and informative. She said “My favorite session was the Sound, Search and Semantics session with Upasna Gautam. Here is the quote from that session – “What is semantic search? Semantic search is the improvement of search accuracy by understanding intent and context using various on-site elements to crawl, index and serve relevant results.”

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