Local SEO

For Firms Big and Small

Local SEO is critical to the digital lifeblood of companies that wants to attract new clients via local listings. We tackle the tedious and time-consuming tasks required if a local firm wants to rank. Consumers want as much information about potential firms at their finger tips, so these directories should be filled out with as much information as possible from your location to your credentials.

Identifying Local Directories

Knowing how and where to find local online directories that make sense for your firm’s geographical area is key. Beyond this, optimizing for your geospecific hyperlocal neighborhood, not just the general location of your firm, is imperative in reaching nearby, potential clients. And knowing what’s coming down the local SEO pipeline is also pretty key as Google begins testing “neighborhood algorithms” to help further hone local search results. When it comes to the complex, multi-layer components of local SEO activities, we’ll take the reins on your firm’s behalf.

The Strategic Value of Accuracy and Consistency

Whether your firm name changes, you switch to an 800 number or your practice moves to a different location, consistency will keep your local SEO effort intact without losing hard-earned ground. It sounds easier than it is. Many small businesses aren’t aware of the great effort it takes to keep business information accurate and consistent across all relevant SEO directories including Google+, Yelp, YP and the list literally goes on and on. Firms can either track down and change every citation or let MediaSmack do the work on your firm’s behalf.

The Future of Local SEO: Mobile Growth and Wearable Devices

MediaSmack is planning for the future of local SEO services as it relates to how companies will need to tailor their marketing efforts in order to compete and stay relevant on the road ahead. With the advent of wearable devices, like the Apple Watch, users will begin using on-the-go searches even more frequently. As a result, wearable devices will demand a much more geographically relevant network of information the digital and physical worlds continue to intersect. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that MediaSmack is watching, looking ahead, building strategies and has all of the bases covered in the world of local SEO.

What We Do

Digital Marketing

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of traffic from organic search results. While paid advertising and social media can generate valuable traffic to your website, generally, a majority of online traffic is driven by organic search. We partner with our clients to manage national and local SEO campaigns.
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Content Marketing
Content strategy plays an important role in building an effective online presence. Our content writers and strategists understand the impact of delivering relevant, useful and quality content to match the user’s query. The content strategy we develop for each client is informed by the campaign’s unique marketing objectives, target audience, keyword research and user intent.
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Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of online advertising that allows advertisers to place ads on the search engine results page and/or other places to target your audience. Search, display, social media and video ads are all important types of ads to consider to reach more leads for your firm. Have you seen Google ads for lawyers or other businesses? This is how many businesses increase their online visibility.
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Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing (SMM) is a powerful way for law firms, big and small, to connect with their audience. People interact with brands through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day. At MediaSmack, our strategists leverage this marketing channel to drive traffic to your website and build your brand’s identity.
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Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the process of increasing the percentage of users that take a desired action on the website. A successful CRO strategy involves website analysis, iterative testing, and creating a tailored and valuable experience in each stage of the user’s journey.
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Call Tracking
Call tracking provides your organization with comprehensive reporting. Providing you with visibility into your calls and conversions, it enables your team to accurately measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing. Additionally, with the call recording feature enabled, you can also take advantage of valuable feedback to improve customer experience.

Website Services

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Design & Development
Your website’s design should focus on your audience to elevate your brand’s online presence. A well-designed website will consider important aspects such as responsive design, user experience (UX), speed optimization and website management.
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Responsive Website Design
Responsive design is an increasingly important component of any website development today. A website with a responsive design will adjust to any device - whether it be mobile, tablet or desktop - to best display its content for visitors.
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User Experience (UX)
User experience (UX), as it relates to digital marketing, encompasses all aspects of a user’s interaction with a brand online. When we provide a good user experience to our client’s site, we do more than just provide the users with the content they want.
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Speed Optimization
Website speed optimization should be a focus for any digital marketing campaign. Fast page load speed amplifies visitor engagement and retention. Site speed is also one of the signals used by Google’s algorithm to rank pages.
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Website Management
Website management involves continuous analysis and development of a website to ensure optimal performance. This includes updates, backups, website security and website support.

Account Management

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Account Manager (AM)
At MediaSmack, your firm is designated a liaison. We know you're busy - that is why we’ve given you one person to go to for any and all of your questions. Your designated account manager manages all of the details of your account and is prompt to respond to your firm’s needs.
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Strategic Planning
Strategic planning at MediaSmack is the organizational management that focuses our interdisciplinary team’s energy and resources to work toward your marketing objectives. As your strategic partner, we will set goals and collaborate with your firm to execute marketing plans.
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Quality Assurance
Quality assurance at MediaSmack is about delivering quality content, design, strategy and service to our clients. This service touches several aspects of your digital marketing strategy. Our team delivers quality, which means that you make a great first impression and build authority for your services.