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Kellen Wilson
SEO Strategist

Kellen Wilson

As an SEO Specialist, Kellen develops content, blogs and social media while providing search engine optimization for client websites. He focuses on the client’s needs in an ever-deepening market, which helps firms stand out over their competition.

For six years, Kellen has been a part of the digital marketing industry, developing campaigns for social media, researching SEO trends and guiding clients to better marketing strategies. He has helped clients acquire cases that have led to multi-million-dollar settlements and increased client site visibility by leaps and bounds.


A two-time graduate of the University of Texas at Austin (in 2005 and 2014), Kellen is an award-winning writer who has studied under several New York Times bestselling authors. He applies this experience to making engaging content that keeps potential clients coming back for more.

Happily married, Kellen and his wife live in Pflugerville, Texas and share a house with his brother and fur baby.

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