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Vijay Sriramadas
Web Developer

Vijay Sriramadas

Vijay graduated from the University of Andhra with a major in Computer Science and has done a Diploma in Multimedia Web Design. He started his career as a Web Designer and developed his skill set in User Interface and User Experience. Vijay has joined the MediaSmack team as a UI Developer. He believes his greatest responsibility at MediaSmack is to deliver competitive search strategies for clients and to keep up to date on all Design trends and new technologies to see that delivery for our clients is the best.

Tamilnadu Born and raised, Vijay relocated to Andhra after his Schooling in Tamilnadu. Now Presently staying in Andhra.

When He’s not working,

Loves to seek spiritual Path.
Loves to be in Silence.
Loves to spend time with his kids and family.