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Our philosophy includes promoting the welfare of others. We do this through charitable donations that include money, services and/or time to organizations that have a positive impact on society.

Amanda Snowden and Family Provide Christmas Charity to Stranded Immigrants


During her Christmas visit to El Paso, MediaSmack President Amanda Snowden and her family helped struggling immigrants. The immigrants she met have US-based sponsors, but they have not been able to get to their destinations. More than 500 were released over the Christmas holiday without food, shelter or warm clothing. Annunciation House in El Paso stepped in to help provide help for the immigrants.

On Christmas, Amanda and her husband took their children to St. Ignatius Church to hand out snacks. After seeing how many people needed basic supplies, like clothing, Amanda asked MediaSmack if it would be willing to donate supplies. MediaSmack donated over $1,200 in supplies, which were distributed by Amanda’s husband, Marc Lopez, as well as her children the day after Christmas. St. Ignatius Church is coordinating travel arrangements for these families to meet their sponsors, many in states that are several days away by bus.

Amanda said, “Watching my son give out toys, my husband give out medicine and my daughter hand out hats, gloves and scarves to make their journeys more comfortable was an amazing experience. They are all so grateful for the little help that we could provide to them.”

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