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What is Schema and How Does It Relate to Digital Marketing?

According to psychologists, our collective and preconceived ideas are our schema. In other words, our beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes make up of our schema. And our schema drives our behaviors.

Our schemas produce automatic thoughts. These thoughts are rarely altered or changed. As an example, your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are what make you Republican. As such, it is unlikely that any level of debate, political speeches, or Facebook posts will change your mindset.

For the purposes of marketing, it can be helpful to think of schema as the reality of your customers versus your own reality. If the two realities do not overlap, you will find yourself spending all your company’s resources on marketing that does not produce the desired results.

Why Is Schema Important in Digital Marketing?

Our world today is saturated with information overload. This makes understanding schema even more crucial. If you fail to understand the schema which drives brand interest, it is unlikely that any of your marketing strategies will be successful.

Consider this fact. Every year, Harris Poll does a survey on brand reputations to determine what the public actually thinks of the world’s largest brands. After the emissions test cheating scandal on the part of Volkswagen, the well-known automaker came in dead last on the list.

No matter how many apologies, paybacks, or explanations offered by Volkswagen, in the end, people simply don’t like cheaters.

When we have negative thoughts about a specific brand, we may unconsciously begin to feel uneasy or anxious about the product. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, reputation matters. A significant percentage of adults will not support a brand whose conduct, values or issues feel questionable. This is why schema matters. If you are only in touch with your own thoughts, values, and beliefs, then your marketing efforts will fail.

What is Schema Markup?

As far as web advertising, it is important to understand that search engines must “understand” the content of your pages. Google may struggle to make sense of what your website is all about. This is where schema markup comes into play. Schema markup is a form of metadata added to websites which tells the algorithm how to categorize the information.

In fact, in 2017, Google launched an algorithm update that penalized websites without schema markup.

Schema markup, or structured data, is essentially the language of search engines. This language provides the ability to break a sentence down into parts. This “magically” turns those parts into the language we are familiar with.

That language includes reviews, ratings, and snippets of information on the product or services that appear directly in Google when consumers enter a search query.

In WordPress, installed plugins can implement schema markup. Manual installation in the head of the page or inline with HTML is also possible. Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper also makes it extremely easy to tag your web pages.

How Important is Schema Markup for Effective SEO?

Schema markup allows visitors to see the details of your page at a single glance. In turn, this lets visitors make the choice of whether to click through your site or move to a more relevant site.

As you might imagine, this helps your website be more competitive, which means you are more likely to rank better for content, to get found, and to get more clicks.

Rather than thinking of schema markup as an SEO hack, think of it as a basic staple that allows search engines to find your content and display it to consumers. In fact, estimates that websites that implement schema markup could see a 30 percent increase in click-through rates.

All in all, schema markup is much easier to apply than it seems at first glance and could significantly increase your sales. If you want effective SEO services, you need to use schema markup.

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