SEO for Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing campaign. It would be far more difficult for a business to outrank its competitors online without taking SEO into account. Many businesses get SEO wrong and may use harmful strategies that hurt its ability to attract new clients. At MediaSmack, our team of experienced SEO strategists use cutting-edge software to help your business maintain its visibility across the web. This includes maintaining your business listings, improving your site’s technical capabilities, building backlinks and optimizing content for best SEO practices and voice searches.

Our SEO Services for Businesses Use Integrated Marketing Efforts

Through “all-encompassing” marketing campaigns, our team effectively utilizes the latest forms of advertising, media, and content creation across a variety of platforms to naturally grow your online footprint and improve your organic search rankings. We highly recommend a holistic marketing approach that takes advantage of a number of our services at once. Clients who have gone this route have seen compounded and accelerated results because we are better able to manage and cross-promote their online efforts.

Onsite SEO Services

We first look at your website’s current content and website structure to see what changes are needed to make your website more search-engine and user-friendly. Onsite SEO services include:

  • Content and content optimization. Content is important for SEO because your site’s content is a major ranking factor. If your site has existing content, we can optimize it to meet SEO best practices for any given time. Or, if your site needs more content, we write optimized content that targets current trends and your target clientele. Then, as needed, we tweak the content accordingly.
  • Competitor keyword research. We understand that any effective SEO strategy must take your competitors into account. Our strategists use cutting-edge software to determine which keywords and content strategies are pulling in business for your competitors. We want to make sure they don’t know anything that we don’t. Then, we want to make sure we do it better and faster to work to get you to rank higher.
  • Meta titles and meta descriptions. Meta titles and meta descriptions are pieces of HTML text that describe a page or post on your website to search engines and site visitors. Every page needs a unique description. These descriptions can be visible from the search engine results pages (SERPs). Our SEO strategists optimize these descriptions to meet best SEO practices with the goal of attracting potential clients to your website.
  • Technical SEO. User experience (UX) is one of the most important aspects of a successful SEO strategy. We understand that to attract potential clients, your site must be easy to navigate while meeting SEO best practices. MediaSmack’s team of web developers and SEO strategists can make adjustments to an existing website. However, it is sometimes better to start over, unfortunately. In those cases, we can also build you a new website that meets SEO best practices from the start.
  • Mobile website optimization. Mobile user-friendliness is important for SEO in 2020 and beyond. Our web developers ensure that your responsive website is optimized for SEO best practices for mobile. We run regular audits on your mobile site to ensure it is performing well.
  • Website security. Another aspect of technical SEO is website security. We ensure that your clients and customers can feel safe while browsing and using your website. MediaSmack’s sites contain SSL encryption that can guard confidential information. It is well-known that SSL certificates can break or expire. Therefore, we check your site’s certificate on a regular basis.

Offsite SEO Services

We understand that an effective SEO strategy must consider how your business appears across the web. MediaSmack offers the following offsite SEO services:

  • Optimizing and creating local citations. Consistency is key when it comes to an effective local SEO strategy. We optimize your business listings by ensuring they have relevant and consistent information. Our teams check and make necessary adjustments to listings, such as Google My Business, Yelp and Bing Places, just to name a few. We also create local citations on other authoritative listings to boost your site’s ability to outrank competitors.
  • Competitive analysis and monitoring. Our SEO strategists use software that determines which listings your competitors are using. When your website appears on certain listings, it helps boost its domain score. This score is a comparative metric that helps us track how able we are to outrank your competitors for specific keywords. We run audits on your listings to remove any toxic backlinks that can hurt your site’s domain score.
  • Guest blogs. Offsite content is also important. Our teams scour the web looking for guest blogging opportunities so we can share your content across the web. By using guest blogging strategies, we help build backlinks to improve your site’s domain authority score while boosting how search engines rank your content. SERPs rank content, in large part, on its authoritativeness. By publishing your content on other authoritative websites, it makes it easier for your site to outrank competitors.
  • Whitehat link building. Backlinks are an important part of any SEO strategy, as they increase your site’s domain score. Backlinks are links on other websites that link back to your site. Many digital marketing companies use unethical link building strategies (called “blackhat” strategies). We find that blackhat strategies, such as utilizing spammy link building services, cause far more harm than good. MediaSmack’s teams stick to whitehat link building strategies. Whitehat link building includes identifying and adding your business to the most authoritative and relevant listings on the web.

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Why Choose MediaSmack As Your SEO Company?

At MediaSmack, we have been doing this for a long time. When we help businesses with SEO, we look at their entire marketing strategy, both online and offline to make sure we understand their goals in getting the right clients. We have clients in various industries, including auto shops, pest control companies, funeral homes and legal tech companies.

MediaSmack is widely recognized in the digital marketing industry. We encourage you to check out our awards page to learn more about our achievements since our founding in 2013. Multiple rating agencies consider MediaSmack to be an industry leader. You can also watch testimonials from our clients.

When you hire MediaSmack, you’re getting an entire agency on your side. You will have a dedicated SEO Strategist who works on your website and your social media campaigns while consulting with our Pay Per Click team. In fact, some of our team members have more than a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry.

Committed to Transparency in Reporting

Business owners should never be in the dark regarding how their marketing dollars are being spent and what their Internet marketing team is up to — and with MediaSmack, you won’t. We are committed to complete transparency about both our processes and the reasoning behind the strategies that we execute. We believe in maintaining close communications and educating our clients about our various processes and the strategies involved in growing your business. Our teams:

  • Send analytics reports. Our SEO strategists use Agency Analytics, a tracking software that can help us maintain the integrity of your campaign. We send monthly reports using Agency Analytics so you can track the progress of our strategy. These reports are easy to read and interpret, but you are always free to ask us questions about our efforts.
  • Track and tweak your campaign. An effective SEO strategy must be monitored throughout the month. By using a combination of tracking tools, our strategists can tweak your strategy as needed. If a strategy is not working, then we can make adjustments to move things in the right direction. We make sure to inform you of any major changes to your campaign. You always have the final say in matters.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Understanding how SEO works can be a lot to digest. You can find answers to common questions about SEO below.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a broad term that describes the practice of optimizing websites so they are more likely to appear on SERPs. There are also different types of SEO strategies, including onsite and offsite SEO. Onsite SEO involves optimizing your website. We make changes to the site’s content, navigation or its technical structure. Offsite SEO involves improving your business’s visibility across the web, which in turn can also affect your website’s ability to rank for certain search terms.

How Soon Will I See the Results of My SEO Campaign?

There is no black and white answer to this question. SEO is a competitive process. What this means is that your progress depends upon the competition in your area. If you have a lot of competitors, and if those competitors have well-optimized and established sites, then it is generally going to take longer before you see results.

There is one very important rule about SEO that you should remember: SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Any SEO campaign for a business, regardless of the business’s location, takes patience. This is true whether you hire MediaSmack or another digital marketing company.

How Will I Know If I Am Getting Positive Results?

We are transparent with our clients. Each month, our SEO team sends you a report on your campaign’s progress. In the report, you will see metrics that include site traffic, keyword rankings, phone calls, leads and conversions. We make sure to summarize the report so it is easy for you to understand. While we hope to only share good news, we do tell you when we lose ground somewhere, and we let you know our plans to take corrective action. It’s important to keep evolving.

Is Link Building Important?

Proper link building is important. However, link building is only part of the strategy we plan to use for your SEO campaign. Link building can help search engines recognize your page as authoritative. The more authoritative your website, the more likely you are to outrank your competitors.

For example, For example, Moz is a well-known SEO software tool that we, and others, use as part of our strategy. Moz developed a “domain authority” score that correlates with how search engines view your website’s ability to rank for search terms. The domain authority score is a comparative metric. A good or bad score depends on your competitors. You want to maintain a higher score than your competitors. Link building is one part of the equation for improving your site’s domain authority score. There are also other domain scores developed by companies like SEMRush that serve the same purpose.

Can You Perform a Technical SEO Audit?

We use several tools to perform technical site audits. Agency Analytics, SEMRush and Screaming Frog are three tools we use to ensure your website meets the proper technical specifications for SEO best practices. These tools can help us spot issues such as broken links, missing alt text on images, long meta titles and long meta descriptions. So, yes, absolutely. We are happy to put together an audit to show you what is going well (and not so well) with your current strategy.