The Apple iOS 14 Update and What It Means for Your Facebook Ads

Apple just released one of its biggest privacy changes we have seen in recent years. This change came in the form of the iOS 14.5 and the iPadOS 14 software update.

This update will impact the way Facebook can track conversion events from tools like the Facebook pixel. Apple will require apps that engage in “tracking” to ask users for their permission to track them across apps and websites owned by other companies. This will need to be done in accordance with Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency framework.

According to a report from The Information, some internal estimates at Facebook predict that fewer than 20% of users will agree to allow tracking. As more users on iOS 14 devices opt out of tracking, advertisers will be limited in ad personalization and with performance reporting.

How Facebook and MediaSmack Are Responding

At MediaSmack, our digital marketing team utilizes the Facebook pixel to optimize, target and track web conversion events for our clients. In response to this update, we are working with our partners at Facebook to make changes that align with their newest guidelines.

Below, we address how Facebook will counter the problem that many advertisers will now face. We also outline how we are prepared to optimize our client campaigns in response to the Apple iOS update.

Facebook’s Response and Aggregated Event Measurement

Facebook has designed the Aggregated Event Measurement protocol to solve the problem advertisers will face as Apple enforces their iOS 14 update. Facebook will process pixel conversion events using Aggregated Event Measurement for users on iOS 14 devices. This protocol will allow for measurement of web events from these devices.

Preparations for Business Websites

Many of our client Facebook and Instagram campaigns deliver ads that are optimized for conversion events on the business website. Where applicable, our team is prioritizing recommended changes, including:

  • Verifying the Website’s Domain. If necessary for the campaign, we will follow Facebook’s guidelines to verify your website’s domain. According to Facebook, this will help avoid any future campaign disruptions.
  • Registering the Domain in the Public Suffix List. If your domain uses a pixel that is used for multiple websites, we will also need to consider whether registering the domain in the Public Suffix List is a priority for your campaign.
  • Configuring 8 Web Conversion Events. We can configure up to 8 preferred web conversion events per domain. Events not configured as one of the 8 conversion events can still be used for partial reporting in Ads Manager.
  • Choosing a Single Domain for Conversion Tracking. Depending on the campaign, you may need to select a specific domain in the Tracking section of the ad creation process.

Data governance is a top priority for our digital marketing team. If you have questions regarding your social media advertising campaign, please contact our team. Our Austin and Frisco social media marketing teams are happy to review your current social media marketing to see if we can point you in the right direction. Please call one of our consultants at (888) 530-2935 or contact us online.

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