The Benefits of Call Tracking

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Call tracking is the process of determining how callers find your business. Call tracking data can help determine how successful a particular advertising campaign is. It is also used to optimize future advertising initiatives.

How Long Has Call Tracking Been Around?

Although used in a much different form, call tracking has existed almost since the invention of the telephone. A business would ask a customer on the phone, “How did you hear about our product/company.” They could then determine how a specific advertisement or campaign caused customers to contact the business.

Call tracking has evolved over the years, but the basic premise remains the same. Today’s technology allows more precise methods of determining how a customer obtained your business phone number, usually through lead-tracking software.

Why Is the Last Touchpoint Before Conversion Important?

Today’s customers are likely to have had more than one “touchpoint” before conversion and placing a call. Last Touch Attribution determines what that last touchpoint actually was, in order to credit the touchpoint for the sale or conversion.

Marketers can use different codes for each source to properly attribute the last touchpoint used. Call-tracking software allows marketers to set tracking phone numbers for marketing campaigns. They can then count the number of phone calls brought in by each campaign.

In today’s high-tech world, a customer may see a Facebook advertisement before searching for the business via Google. They might then click on a PPC ad.  This is why determining the last touchpoint is important to marketing strategies.

Do All Businesses Benefit from Call Tracking?

Virtually any industry can benefit from call tracking. Yet, businesses that are running many campaigns and want to know exactly where the traffic originates might benefit the most.

A common misconception is that call tracking can undo the benefits of local SEO. Yet, this is not true. When call tracking is properly set up, the process will not affect local SEO.

Benefits of Call Tracking

Return on Investment

Call tracking allows for better tracking of return on investment, or ROI, by providing lots of information. This information will help you determine the actual return on investment for various marketing campaigns.

Determine Peak Call Hours

Call tracking also allows you to accurately determine what the peak call hours for your business really are by recording exactly when calls come in.

Make Reliable Decision

Call tracking software allows you to produce reports. These reports include all sorts of information, allowing you to access that information at any time. This enables you to make more reliable decisions regarding the spending you do for advertising campaigns.

Determine Actual Customer Base

Through call tracking, you can determine the actual demographics for your customer base. Call tracking can record incoming calls, providing extremely valuable information. The unique tracking of phone numbers can help determine which web pages are producing the calls.

Pinpoint Your Advertising Efforts

By tracking the unique phone numbers, you can make quick comparisons between the different advertising venues, such as the internet, radio, television, or print advertising. This can help you pinpoint which advertising strategies are working the best.

How Call Tracking Works for ROI

Did you know call tracking can track keywords to help your business measure its ROI? When website visitors arrive at your site, they will see a unique tracking number. This unique tracking number follows them throughout their navigation of your site and even on a return to your site.

Should that visitor call one of your tracking numbers, the source, paid ad, and keyword that initially brought the visitor to your site will be noted.

Campaign call tracking can track revenue from such channels as social media and trade shows. Through multi-channel attribution, you can essentially follow the entire journey of the buyer.

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