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Why E-A-T Can Be An Important Factor for SEO

Google ranking factors are important for maintaining an effective SEO strategy. However, there are other aspects of how Google interacts with websites that certain businesses cannot afford to ignore. E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) may be essential for maintaining a healthy website that is capable of outranking competitors. If you are an attorney, medical practitioner or other professional, then E-A-T is extremely important. While not a direct ranking factor by itself, Google algorithms look for specific signals to assess a site’s E-A-T. There is no such thing as an E-A-T score, but certain websites can suffer for ignoring E-A-T. 

E-A-T is especially important for Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) sites. YMYL sites may discuss topics like health, law or finance, or they may sell products. These are websites that help people make major financial or life decisions. If your business operates a YMYL site, then you cannot afford to ignore E-A-T. 

Google reportedly considers YMYL sites with poor E-A-T to be low-quality sites. If you have a YMYL site and did not take E-A-T into account, chances are your organic traffic took a hit.

The digital marketing experts at MediaSmack can help businesses with E-A-T. We started out as a digital marketing company that exclusively worked with law firms and individual attorneys but our strategies now expand into other businesses looking to grow. 

Effective SEO Strategies and E-A-T

Business websites should ensure they have the following features, at a minimum, to showcase E-A-T: 

  • A secure website. Your website should have encryption. If you lack a security certificate, your site’s E-A-T can suffer. 
  • High-quality content. Your site’s content should showcase authority. For example, health websites can showcase authority by having doctors write some of the content. Make sure your site has consistent, high-quality, up-to-date content written by professionals.
  • Consistent business listings. You should make sure you have relevant details about your business on the most important listings, such as Yelp and Google My Business. Consistency is also important. Make sure your phone number, address and website information are correct across all business listings. Verify your business listings and avoid low-quality or spammy directories for backlinks. 
  • High aggregate reviews. Businesses with high review scores are seen as trustworthy. If you lack reviews or have too many negative reviews, make sure to increase your aggregate review score. 
  • High-quality and relevant external and internal links. The linking structure on your site can affect E-A-T. Make sure to link to other relevant pages across your website. For example, if you are a personal injury law firm and have a page on car accidents, make sure that page also links to pages about specific car accident injuries and vice versa. Your site or its content could also link to relevant .edu or .gov domains. Choose relevant anchor text and avoid repetition.

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What is important about E-A-T and how do you incorporate E-A-T into your SEO strategy? You can find out as we publish more content about how your site can showcase expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Follow us on Facebook for future updates on this topic. 

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