What Is a Backlink?

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Backlinks are an essential part of creating an effective SEO strategy for your business. These are links on third-party sites that link back to your site. Backlinks are also one of several ways we achieve results for our clients. But, it is important to utilize whitehat link building techniques only (meaning, in short, do not use spammy links just to try to get it to count).

How Are Backlinks Beneficial for My Law Firm’s Website?

Backlinks will only help your website if those links are on quality sites that are relevant to your business. If you have backlinks from random sites that are not relevant to your business, then your search rankings could suffer serious damage. At MediaSmack, backlinks help us:

  • Improve organic rankings. Backlinks can help improve your website’s search rankings. If your content is obtaining organic links from other sites, that content will start to rank higher with Google. There should be backlinks to your homepage as well as other posts and pages on your site.
  • Increase the number of referrals. Backlinks can also increase your referral traffic, which is Google’s way of reporting visits to your site from outside searches. Good referral traffic can also lower your bounce rate (how many people come to your site and leave).
  • Create faster indexing. Do you have a new website? Backlinks can also speed up your site’s indexing, which is the process of adding your site’s webpages into Google search.
  • Build site authority. Google is more likely to trust your website as an authoritative source of information if it contains a high number of good backlinks that are relevant to your business. Your site’s rankings improve as this “trustworthiness” score increases.
  • Increase visibility. Backlinks help expose your brand and business to a larger audience. As a result, you could obtain more business.

There are additional reasons why backlinks are important, so be sure to check back with us for future blog updates.

What Are Different Ways to Generate Backlinks?

We use a few great techniques for backlinks. There is a lot of research that goes into deciding where to obtain backlinks for our clients. Once we can determine which sites we are going to target, we utilize several strategies to obtain backlinks. For instance, our teams frequently utilize guest blogging, where content we produce for clients is shared on other sites. Which strategies we use depends on the client’s individual circumstances and preferences.

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