What Is a Creative Agency?

There is no one right answer to the question, “What is a creative agency?” A creative agency can encompass many types of agencies that provide a variety of marketing and/or advertising services. Basically, you can think of a creative agency as any agency that develops some type of creative work or strategy for a business’s marketing, advertising or branding. This is really broad, right?

Since there is not one clear definition of a creative agency, it is easier to break it down into aspects of a creative agency. Most creative agencies provide businesses with:

  • Strategy. Generally, creative agencies provide some kind of advertising or marketing strategy services. This may include strategy about content, social media, brand development and more.
  • Content creation. Any type of content creation falls into this category. Examples include blogs, social media copy, website design, print media, TV ads and white papers.
  • Measurement. Measurement may include reporting to let you know how your strategy is performing. For example, at MediaSmack, we send our clients monthly reports so they can easily track the progress of our strategy.

Some agencies may specialize in certain types of creative – like branding, digital or print creative, and some may specialize in a variety of content creation. MediaSmack, for example, specializes in digital marketing.

How Is MediaSmack a Creative Agency?

MediaSmack aligns as a creative digital marketing agency. Specifically, we provide online marketing services for law firms and growth-focused businesses across the United States.

We do not specialize in television, radio or print media. We also do not specialize in brand development, like logo designs. Everything we create and implement at MediaSmack is for online consumption and based on tailored strategies created for each of our individual clients to increase their online presence.

We help our clients market to their target audience online with the goal of lead generation and business growth. A few of our creative agency services include:

Why Do Law Firms and Growth-focused Businesses Need a Creative Digital Agency?

If your goal is to grow your business online and increase your firm’s online lead generation, you need a creative digital marketing agency. At MediaSmack, our SEO, PPC and website design teams develop and implement marketing campaigns for our clients to:

  • Improve online visibility
  • Target and market to unique audiences
  • Strengthen branding
  • Boost reputation
  • Build a marketing funnel

Contact our digital marketing team to learn more about MediaSmack and what you can expect when you onboard as a MediaSmack client.

Contact a Creative Digital Marketing Agency Near You

Request a free consultation and marketing analysis online, or call us at (888) 530-2935 to learn more about how MediaSmack can help your firm. We work with law firms and growth-focused businesses across the country. We are also conveniently headquartered in Frisco, TX and have an office in Austin, TX.

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