What to Know While Shopping for an SEO Company

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for any business with an online footprint. However, SEO is not very well understood by most people, including business owners. For most people without experience in the digital marketing industry, it is difficult to determine what SEO can and cannot accomplish.

Consider the following factors when shopping for an SEO company.

shopping for an SEO company

There Are Good and Bad SEO Strategies

SEO strategies can make or break your business. Good strategies will improve your business’s online footprint. Your search rankings will improve. Chances are, you will receive more site visitors and business as a result. Bad SEO strategies will tank your rankings, robbing you of site visitors and future business.

Common examples of bad strategies, or “black hat SEO”, include keyword stuffing and article spinning. Much like it sounds, keyword stuffing is where you stuff content full of specific keywords to influence search engine results. An example could be “contact our New Jersey birth injury attorneys to discuss filing a birth injury lawsuit for birth injury compensation”. Article spinning is where you rewrite existing content to make it look unique. Both strategies will tank your site’s SEO. Some SEO companies rely heavily black hat strategies, so be careful when making your decision.

Good SEO strategies are what you want. An SEO company that is worth your time can produce good content, informative blogs, quality backlinks, improved rankings and visits to your site. When shopping for an SEO vendor, ask to take a look at some of the results they have achieved for their clients.

The Benefits of SEO Don’t Happen Overnight

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. You will not notice improvements to your site overnight. It does not matter which company you hire to optimize your site. There are multiple reasons why an effective SEO strategy takes time. For instance, it can take time to produce good content that is properly optimized to meet your site’s goals. Once you have good content, authoritative sites may link back to your site, which in turn boosts its rankings. There are a lot of steps, in addition to writing, that come with creating high-quality content.

There are other reasons why effective SEO strategies take time. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, making it necessary to have a flexible SEO strategy. Your site and its content will need to be frequently optimized because what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

Finally, your site is competing with many other websites. Some of these sites have likely been around for much longer than your site. If you have a lot of competitors, then it will take longer to get the results you desire.

Go With Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to SEO in 2019, quality is everything. Whether you are discussing backlinks or content, remember that quality over quantity will help you achieve the best results. Your site can have tens of thousands of backlinks, but you will see no benefit if those sites are not authoritative or relevant to your business.

For the best results, your site should be linked from other high-quality and authoritative sites. If a backlinks campaign focuses on trying to get as many links as possible, then you may end up causing damage to your rankings.

The same rule is true for content. Your site could contain enough content to fill thousands of pages, but you will not see any benefit unless that content is well-written and informative. Good content contains strong sentence structure, links to other pages on your site and information that people are likely to share.

There Are Right and Wrong Ways to Use Content

How your site’s content is used is extremely important. There are several content strategies that can improve your site’s metrics, such as the number of visitors you receive each month and your site’s bounce rate. If your site has a social media profile with active followers, then you could share your site’s content on that profile to increase the number of site visitors. You could also share your content on other social media profiles.

Content clustering is another effective strategy. With content clustering, you have a page on your site linking to many other pages with similar content. The trick is to keep visitors on your site longer and to improve the odds that your content is shared elsewhere.

You should also ensure that new content is frequently published on your site. By regularly adding new content, you are giving people a reason to return for new information. You are also making it more likely that Google will crawl your site.

If you produce content and do nothing with it, then it will sit on your site and provide no benefits. Be sure to ask the company you’re looking at about their content strategies.

If It’s Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

Good SEO companies have realistic objectives that are effectively communicated to their clients. While shopping for a vendor, you should look at certain claims as red flags (we can instantly rank your site on the first page of Google). Like many purchases, you should do your research before signing on with a company. Find out what’s possible and what’s not.

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