What Types of Website Designs Does MediaSmack Offer?

MediaSmack offers our clients two types of website designs for their small businesses. The first (and, of course, most expensive option) is a custom designed website. The second option (which is more budget-friendly) is a blueprint design. Depending on your company’s goals, we can discuss which option may be best in your situation. Search engine friendly site development is always our priority.

Over the last 9 years, our team has built hundreds of high-performing, quality sites for law firms and other small businesses, which have resulted in many design awards. When building a site, we use Google’s Web Core Vitals to determine how your site will perform once launched. Web Core Vitals, among other things, measures loading, interactivity and visual stability. Our goal for your site is to build a fast-loading, easy to use website that will help the SEO team get you results. Everything we recommend comes from countless testing or results from websites that convert leads to clients for a business. Therefore, regardless of the type of design you choose, know that we put a lot of thought into each element. Once we choose a type of responsive web design, we can set realistic expectations as to timelines and receivables. Below, we explain the differences between these website options to get you started, as well as timelines and costs.

Custom Website Designs for Small Businesses

Do you already have a vision for what you want your website to look like? Have you looked at other websites and you hate them all? Do you want to go completely outside the box? Do you need a lot of custom coding? If you answered yes to any of these, the custom website option is probably your best bet. We create the website completely from scratch using WordPress as our CMS. We offer you a color wheel to choose the right shades of the colors you want. If your firm already has a branding document, then we reference that to make sure to keep with your brand.

Our SEO team and website team work closely with the navigation to decide how users will work their way deeper into the site. We put a lot of thought into where forms go, what should be parent pages vs. child pages and more. We are then able to add in various plugins to give you additional functionality. However, we also work closely with your team to discuss whether the plugin functionality is robust enough to handle what you need. If you want it, we can make it happen.

Blueprint Website Designs for Small Businesses

Most clients do not need a completely custom website. Generally speaking, the website is a means to an end and should not require a huge investment on your part. When looking at your budget, you really want to consider putting your marketing dollars into SEO, PPC, etc.. You want a good-looking website that functions well for an end-user and has your information easily accessible. It should, of course, focus on calls to action and SEO rules.  For the client that wants to get going quickly and trusts in our website design expertise, the blueprint website design choice is the best option.

We talk with our clients about their preferences (if any) when it comes to fonts, colors, images and text. Each of these is customized for each client. We were very deliberate in our choices for where we put certain elements and we have tested out several options for each design before choosing the layouts we add to our blueprint gallery. In particular, we have a focus on keeping a client engaged on your site and we want multiple calls to action. Our blueprint designs do all of these things. All you have to do is choose the one that catches your eye, let us know a bit about your preferences and then we’re off!

Website Design Timelines

Depending on which website you choose, as well as how quickly a client can get us necessary logins, the build time for that site can vary. However, generally, we try to complete all websites within 45 to 60 days of our initial kick-off call. We keep clients up to date as we go so that clients know where we are in the process. But, perhaps most importantly, when we start a new design build, we’re still working on all your marketing behind the scenes. Even without a new site being live, we’re still able to work on your SEO. Additionally, our SEO team is part of the build from the very beginning to make sure all goals are aligned.

Website Design Costs

Each website that MediaSmack creates has some element of customization, including our Blueprint designs. So, there is not a standard price for any website design. However, the blueprint designs start at $1,500.00. That should give you a general idea of what you need to invest.

Choosing a Type of Website Design for Small Businesses and Attorneys

When you speak to one of our consultants, we can better advise what type of design is best for you. All our websites are designed to be responsive, to be secure (our hosting offers SSL certificates, of course) and to be user-friendly. Depending on your budget, the sky’s the limit from there. If you have any questions about website design, please feel free to reach out to us via the forms on our site and we would be happy to address it with you.

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