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MediaSmack Is a Google Partner

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Being a Google Partner means that a marketing agency is well-equipped to help its clients thrive in a competitive online marketplace. Google Partners possess the knowledge to use advanced marketing platforms like Google Analytics and Google Ads. Most importantly, Google Partner agencies understand that being able to use these tools is a life or death matter for their clients.

Any successful business knows that to thrive in a cutthroat environment, you must be able to maintain an edge over your competitors. Our high-tech society operates on search engines, social media and smart devices. As a business owner, your ability to thrive within this high-tech environment is the difference between failure and success. That is why MediaSmack is a Google Partner. We have the skills, team, and experience to help businesses of all sizes.

It is crucial for businesses to be very selective when choosing an agency to handle their digital marketing needs. Businesses should ensure that any marketing agency they choose is a Google Partner.

What Does It Mean to Be a Google Partner?

Google requires a marketing agency to meet certain requirements before it can become a Google Partner. Some of those requirements are below:

  • For Google Ads, an agency must spend $20,000 across its various client accounts within a 90-day period. This requirement shows the business has a healthy amount of activity within its portfolio.
  • Employees must meet annual recertification requirements. Marketing agencies with a Google Partner badge must recertify once per year. This helps ensure that a Google Partner agency stays up-to-date on the latest advertising trends and technologies.
  • Google Partners must meet strict performance metrics. To become a Google Partner, an agency must demonstrate that it can achieve ad revenue and growth as a company.
  • Marketing agency employees must have certain Google certifications. MediaSmack is a Google Partner company. Our team members meet the certification requirements that are necessary to become a Google Partner. For instance, MediaSmack employees have certifications for Google Search and Google Display ads. MediaSmack employees must attend workshops hosted by Google to achieve these certifications.

With MediaSmack, you can rest easy knowing that your business’s digital marketing needs are in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced team of specialists certified by Google.

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