Why Should You Use Call Tracking?

More than likely, you have had your marketing team suggest using a call tracking number and you may have been reluctant. Well, I am here to tell you to stop stalling and just approve it. Why?

Think about all the ways someone can possibly find your business online. A short list of places may include:

  • Your website
  • Social Media
  • Business listings such as Google My Business and Yelp

Now think about how often your marketing team asks how many phone calls you are receiving and where they are coming from and you cannot answer them honestly. This is the time to implement call tracking numbers.

What Is a Call Tracking Number?

A call tracking number is a unique number that is set up for each source of your marketing campaign that forwards to your regular phone number. By setting up a number for each part of your marketing campaign, you will be able to easily identify your call sources. Not only that, but with call tracking services, you also have the ability to record the phone calls.

Why Is Call Tracking So Useful?

As your marketing team, we want to know what is and is not working so we can make the necessary changes to get you the clients you want. If we have a pay-per-click campaign running along with an SEO campaign, we want to know if a person who called you came from the paid listings or organic search.

Not only are we able to see the source of your calls, but we are able to quickly recognize who is a first-time caller with our call tracking software. You also have the option of recording your calls. Before the call is connected, the caller/user will hear an automated message that says, “This call will be recorded for quality assurance,” so that he or she is aware that the call is being recorded.

The software will tell us the date, time and duration of the call. When we see a first-time call that lasts more than about two minutes, we dive in deeper. We will listen to the call to see if it is valid or not. If we believe it to be viable, we will send it to you and ask whether you took on the case. If you did or did not take on the case, we want to know why.

Another great feature with the call recording: it helps not only us as your marketing team, but also your business overall. It lets us listen to the intake process at your business. We have found many times that the following things may happen:

  • The receptionist does not ask the right questions
  • The receptionist puts a potential lead on hold for too long
  • Or, unfortunately, the receptionist does not sound friendly
  • The caller is transferred to several people and answers the same questions multiple times

Hopefully, none of these things are happening to you, but this lets you know if your staff needs more training. If you need more convincing, here are more benefits of using a call tracking number.

What’s Stopping You?

There are two popular responses I hear from my clients as to why they do not want to use a call tracking number. One is because they believe they will lose the number once they stop working with a company. If your marketing team truly cares about you, like MediaSmack, we give you the option to keep your tracking number. All you have to do is make an account through the software and we easily transfer it over to you.

Second, they believe it is confusing to the customer. Well, nowadays, people do not memorize a phone number. They call the number, save it into their phone and do not think twice about those ten digits. In the end, even if they do notice different numbers, they all lead back to your main office line.

Say Yes to Using a Call Tracking Number

If you want more concrete answers about your campaign’s performance, a call tracking number is worth the consideration. Let us help each other and not work against each other. Call your digital marketing consultants today at (888) 530-2935 and let’s get your phone ringing more.

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