You Signed Up for New Digital Marketing Services with MediaSmack. Now What?

One of the most daunting parts of hiring or switching marketing companies is all the items the agency needs from you in order to get started. Your internet marketing specialists will ask you question after question. Then, suddenly, you are completely overwhelmed. So, I am here to save your day! Here is where you will find a list of items that we always need from our new clients. I cover my Account Management team’s expectations and yours about what comes next once you sign on the dotted line. By having all this information ready, we can immediately get started on your digital marketing campaign.

On Your Mark:

  • Keep Track of Your Logins: Always keep an ongoing list of all your logins, including for your site, social media and more. To piggyback off this, please have someone test the logins before you send them to your new marketing company. Inevitably, you will receive at least one email back saying that one of the logins you sent does not work.

    By filling out our document (you can make a copy via Google or save it as a document on your computer to fill out) at the onset it not only helps us get to know you as a firm, but it also helps our team to better understand your goals and your expectations of us as well as gives us all of your logins that we will need to get started. Our sales representative sends over a questionnaire like this one as soon as you sign up. At first it can seem like a lot, but this truly helps my team be the best they can possibly be from the get-go.

Get Set:

  • What Happens After You Sign Up? As soon as my team receives the signed contract back, we immediately get to work. My account managers (AMs) will start setting up all our internal documents for your account (the red tape if you will). We then review the contract and put a list of questions together that we have about the firm. Once the documents are made, we set up a call with our internal team. Did you know that your account includes a dedicated Account Manager, SEO Strategist and Web Developer? Yep, you get all three!

    At these meetings, everyone comes together to go over everything we already know about you and what we would like to know. We also brainstorm as to how to make your campaign thrive.

  • Kickoff Meeting (aka TOC or Turn Over Call): At MediaSmack, we always have a kickoff meeting with the client once a new business signs up with us. This is not only important for us, but it is important to you as well. This is your chance to get to know the team that will be working on your account, to ask any questions that you may have, and to become comfortable with us and our plans for your business.


  • Post Kickoff Meeting: As soon as the TOC is over, all hands are on deck at MediaSmack. My account manager will send out an email with all the notes from the kickoff call internally. This includes a list of actionable items the team will complete. Literally, a clock is ticking!

    The SEO team will finish their analysis with the new information received from the kickoff call and create a 90-day plan for your review. This is important because we believe in transparency and you need to know what we are doing. Depending on your contract, our design team gets to work on building you a beautiful responsive website (or perhaps just tweaks what you already have).

Now remember, the above is a condensed down version of everything my team does. If I went into the nitty gritty details, this blog would be a dissertation. Instead, what I like to let my clients know is, now is the time that you can breathe and know that we will take it from here. This is your time to focus on your business and let us be the experts on your marketing campaign.

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Author Allison Snowden